Search Integrated, Aggregated, Database of Properties Search function uses our aggregated database in conjunction with our partner databases and your data sources to provide the most indeph actionable data. 

Search For Real Estate Professionals

Find Real Estate Owners, Developers, Brokers, Investors, Lenders, Design/Build/Engineering, and other real estate professionals by asset focus, geography, and role. 

Real Time Tracking & Analytics

Using native tools and partner data you can track not only asset ownership but demographics, economic due diligicense, and zoning changes across the US.

Pipe in anything, Search everything from one dashboard. 

Bring all your data into a single dashboard where it is leveraged to drive deeper insights into your markets. 

Real Time Feasibility Analysis & Development Inteligence

Through partner technology connnections you can run Feasability, underwriting, and other real estate related workflows right from the property level within the Dashboard.

Find Technology Providers to solve any need

The Marketplace is full of technology providers broken down by asset class served and category of technology to make Do-It-Yourself technology easy. 

Leverage Your Contacts users upload their own databases to communicate more effectively with their own contacts. 

CRE Collaboartor Network Members want to grow their network and be found. See someone you want to do busines with ask them to join your network. More relationships you have the more business you can close. 

Grow Your Network

CRE Collaborators are constantly being presented across our platform and other platforms providing you maximum exposure to grow your profile. 

Streamline Communication 

One to one instant messaging, group messaging, and third party communciation tools accessed from the profile page or dashboard. 

Real Time Network Updates

Never miss out on another real estate deal. Stay updated on your peers, potential customers/clients and the projects by using bookmarks and alerts. 

Promote Properties

Whether for sale, for lease, seeking capital,  joint venture we make it easy to present your portfolio out across social media, listing portals, CIE's and other technology throug open API and custom connectivity algorithyms.

Universal Connectivity 

Whether your using spreedsheets or have a other systems in place will work with your processes, and people to get things streamlined from acquisiton to disposition, reposition or even demolition we are your all in one dashboard. 

Promote Your Profile

In today's digital world you need to make sure that your digital persona acurrately represents who you are and is "walking the shows" ie. Google My Business, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms being found in way that brings in new business. 

Custom Dashboard 

PRovides an easy to use portal to access our data, your data, and data you subscribe to all in one place. 

Promote Your Company

As you profile and properties grow in exposure so does your company and vice versa. 

Do It For You!

Use our Business Data Advisors to help your companies structure and maximze use of your data and or marketing by rpoviding all these services to you out of the box. 



SEARCH - Gain full transparency into your markets and asset classes, to uncover more opportunities and close more transactions more quickly, by searching our database of over 27 Million Properties with Advanced search features by Asset Class, Financials and Geography. 

PROMOTE - Be everywhere,  by ensuring that your personal brand and business opportunities are available where and when needed, including on the best social media platforms and portals.

NETWORK - Connect to your sphere and the industry in real-time and ensure that you never miss out on potential deals, closed deals, or changes to deals and or contacts, using real-time messaging, group email and social tools. 

TECHOLOGY SUPPORT - Solve your business needs through our do-it-yourself marketplace or get your questions answered at no cost with our data advisory teams in our completely customizable dashboard. 


CRE COLLABORATIVE is the industry’s first  platform that aggregates real estate data & technology in one place. We provide an integrated database with an easy to use portal, that enables quick access to relevant real estate industry data, technologies, and professional networks.

Take control of your data. make it accessible, expandable, and transferrable. It is your data. Use it the way, you need it.

Access the industry’s best tools and data through our marketplace data partners, be introduced to new partner technology data sets,  get back to closign more deals, and hone your competitive market advantage. 

Our collaborative real estate professionals, utilize their proprietary data across platforms and access their markets as part of CRE Collaborative, to better service their clients or individual business needs. 

Explore becoming a CRE Collaboratior today with our no obligation, no cost courtesy review of your company technology & data needs to begin maximizing your market advantage today!

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