Be Presented 24/7/365 To Real Estate Professionals 

Be inteligently promoted to your prospective clients within the platform as they search, network and promote their real estate business.  Targeted placement includes by financials, location, asset class,  & deal stage

Source Prospects through Our Network Dealmakers 

Search or Promote Real Estate for Sale and or Lease anywhere in the United States. 

Connect to Real Estate Professionals 

Grow your relationships, streamline communication, and get introduced through our network tools

Inclusion in Technology Marketplace

Be introduced to real estate professionals actively seeking your services through our marketplace.

Be introduced by our Data Scientists to solve business needs

Be the answer to the questions asked by Real Estate Professionals when users are discussing technology with our data scientists. 

Develop Connectivity Between your deals, your relationships, and your technologies 

Work with our data advisory teams to connect your business to your technology, and your technology to your bottomline. 

Why Should You Join CRE Collaborative's Network?

- Be presented to real estate companies that need your services and are readily looking to access the industries best tools today

- Earn Direct revenue generation opportunities

- Earn Referral revenue for any business send to 

- Increased brand awareness and lift

- Join our long term data collaboration initiative for industry trends and insights

- Access our team of data scientists and partnerships to create richer partnerships and user experiences in your technologies.

All BuiltWorld/CRETECH/PROPTECH companies are welcome to apply 

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