Top 3 Reasons to Search For Commercial Real Estate with CRE Collaborative

All-in-One. Affordable. Next-Generation.

All-in-One Property Search 

CRE Collaborative Search function uses our aggregated database in conjuction with our partner databases to provide a more indeph result set of properties including real estate for sale, real estate for lease, and property tax records.

 Search by Asset Class, Financials, and Geo Location nationwide


Make the most of's modern features & integrations, easy implementation and great support at an affordable price.


Modern. Simple. Super fast.

Advanced Search Functionality 

Commercial Real Estate Specific Filters 

Source opportunites with our easy to use search filters designed by Commercial Real Estate Professionals resulting in an inutuivite and optimzied work flow. Search by Asset Class, Property Characteristics, Location, and finanical metrics. 

Track Assets and Deal Makers allows you to bookmark, follow and or save search parameters making it easy to keep track of your market. 

Add Your Own Data Directly to Property Detail Pages

Using our Connectivity Engines Premium users can feed their own data sources into our system providng the most actionable insights possible from every search. 

For example: As a brokerage you may have an extensive datasebase of area comparable deals, off market inventory, and or zoning data. Using's proprietary connectivity engines you can pipe this data directly into the system where it would be appended or added to each property record exclusively for your use and no one elses. 

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