Carlson Integrated & CRE Collaborative, a complete solution to marketing and technology in today's Commercial Real Estate industry. 

Howard Oliver interviews Rebekah Carlson, Marketing Expert, Founder of Carlson Integrated Marketing, Past President NICAR Association of Realtors, and Independent Brokerage Owner. Together they dive deep into marketing and technology for commercial real estate, how it affects the brokerage community, and how the associations nationally and regionally are working to solve the needs of the industry.

Prosper Systems' Kenton Johnson talks capital raising and technology with Howard Oliver. 

Howard Oliver interviews Kenton Johnson, CEO, Capital Raiser, Buy & Sell Side Consultant and Executive Team Leader. Together they dive deep capital raising, technology and gold info nuggets!

The value of data and collaboration from Founder of

Join Howard Oliver of CRE Collaborative as he dives deep with Eddie Godshalk Founder of & Andreas Senie Founder as they discuss why the tools and data available today create such incredible competitive advantage.

Quantum Listing & CRECo ai Accelerating Your Ability to Close Commercial Real Estate Together!

Join Howard Oliver as he interviews #CRETech platforms Quantum Listing's CEO David Perlmutter and's CEO Andreas Senie and how they are driving more significant shared value for commercial real estate professionals together. By building on collaboration to help you close more business in less time, with less pain, and in ways never possible before.

  CRE Collaborative functions as a dashboard it really does integrate all the various softwares and CRETech uses that you are trying to accomplish in one place,  a place that encourages community and also integrates with social media. I love that CRE Collabortive is completely different... itreally pulls it all together... CRE Collabortive is so much more then any other commercial information exchange or CREtech.


Rebekah Carlson 

Past President, NICAR  
Founder Carlson Integrated Marketing

One of the brilliant things about CRE Collaborative is their technology helps all your other technology work together, so you spend less time doing data entry, less time figuring stuff out... so you can spend your time doing deals and making your connections.

David Perlmutter 

Founder Quantum Listing
President Perlmutter Properties

CRE COLLABORATIVE is the industry’s first  platform that aggregates real estate data & technology in one place. We provide an integrated database with an easy to use portal, that enables quick access to relevant real estate industry data, technologies, and professional networks.

Take control of your data. make it accessible, expandable, and transferrable. It is your data. Use it the way, you need it.

Access the industry’s best tools and data through our marketplace data partners, be introduced to new partner technology data sets,  get back to closign more deals, and hone your competitive market advantage. 

Our collaborative real estate professionals, utilize their proprietary data across platforms and access their markets as part of CRE Collaborative, to better service their clients or individual business needs. 

Explore becoming a CRE Collaboratior today with our no obligation, no cost courtesy review of your company technology & data needs to begin maximizing your market advantage today!

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